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What do you want to know?  Old Fart With Guitars is more or less a journal of my life.  There will be some autobiographical stuff and some current stuff.  In fact, there is likely to be posts on just about anything the might strike my fancy. I’m one of the late baby boomers who had the good fortune of getting tuned in to music at a very early age.  My mother had the radio on most of the time when I was a wee one, as the local TV stations (all two of them) usually didn’t have a full days worth of programming yet.  So I got to listen to a lot of “pop” music from the 50’s.  My older brother is 7 years my senior, so what he listened to in his teen years was what I listened to in single digits.  I’ve had a lifelong affair with music.  I’m sure throughout the run of this blog, I’ll fill you in on all the gory, boring details.

I hope you enjoy reading, because I sure do enjoy writing!

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