I’m a guitarist Jim, not an Interior Decorator!

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After all these years, I have a music room. It used to be my computer room and stuffed full of computing equipment. Before that it was my oldest son’s bedroom. But now it’s the music room. We started by painting it blue, with the trim done in an ultra-white. Neither my lovely wife or I are really good at staying within the lines, so we ended up with a lot of blue on the trim and a little white on the walls. Then I got the bright idea of painting a buffer stripe between the wall and the trim. We got the tape and put down an excellent demarcation line. Then I dug up a leftover can of red that our youngest son had used when he painted his room (when he lived here).

With the painting done and new blinds on the windows, the move in began. I’m not terribly good at putting the finishing touches on projects like this, so a lot of the stuff that was supposed to be in the music room sat for days (weeks?) in the guest bedroom, and some in the living room. Finally, my wife decided it was up to her to put things in order. So she moved things in and made the place look great! Unfortunately, when you shove as much stuff into a 10X12 foot room as we had, it is very difficult to make both look good and be functional. Such was my problem. My computer desk was next to the Yamaha organ and while at the computer, I kept banging my elbow on the organ. The computer chair is also where I sit when I practice guitar, as I’m usually looking to control a DVD or CD while I’m practicing the guitar. So a new layout was in order.

Pictured is the finished product for this week. No doubt as my lust for more and different equipment grows, I’ll be forced to re-arrange again. It all comes down to floor space. I need to have enough for me to be comfortable moving around and room for another chair for my wife to occupy when she visits and subjects her ears to my audio barrage. Then I need enough room for Mikey, my 75 pound Dalmatian mix mutt to find a place to stretch out. The really surprising part is how much better my amplifiers sound now that they’re not on the floor, tucked into a corner. I think Mikey likes not having them at ear level, too!

There are still some posters and photos to hang on the wall, but right now, it’s a space that is very conducive to a good evening’s practice!

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