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Shiny Objects

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Before I proceed any further, I want to make sure the person who inspired this post is acknowledged. His name is Griff Hamlin and he has produced several DVD based learn-at-home guitar courses. I’m currently studying his Blues Guitar Unleashed (BGU) course. Let me say that I am very impressed with his course material and I believe it to be worth every penny I paid for it. Griff has my undying respect and admiration for turning his dreams into goals and his goals into reality. Griff, if you’re reading this, thank you, thank you and thank you!

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I am an accordion player (part 3)

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So here we are, now a two accordion family. On top of that, I’m teaching. So I’m signed up for an advanced class with their best instructor and within a few weeks they determine I can probably teach any of their new students. The operation ran along the lines of a class of 8 to 12 kids for one hour each, every week. It happened to work out well with the studio, because they were just opening the studio in my home town. The original studio was in a town about 20 minutes down the road. My Saturday’s were gone, as well as one or two evenings a week. But I have to be honest. Teaching was a very addictive thing. I truly enjoyed it. I loved watching the kids that really got it early on and within a few months, I could always tell by the parents’ reactions when they dropped off little Jimmy or Susie whether the kid would survive the big meeting and after 8 weeks show up with a 120 bass accordion and who would stop showing up.

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